Rena’s new Jewelry Shopping Service ebook

July 25, 2007

shopserviceebook.jpgRena Klingenberg of Home Jewelry Business Success Tips has announced the release of her latest ebook, Secrets of a Handcrafted Jewelry Shopping Service.

Her previous ebook, Ultimate Guide to Your Profitable Jewelry Booth, has been very popular with artisans who are trying to get started selling at shows – or just to improve their show experience. (You can read my review here).

The new ebook (115 pages) describes how you can break into the niche market of offering a jewelry shopping service. In her July 18 newsletter, Rena explains:

I first stumbled onto the “jewelry shopping service” approach to marketing my handcrafted jewelry a few years ago….

Personal shopping services are a growing trend in all kinds of market niches. Typically a personal shopper helps clients determine what they should buy, or finds the perfect gifts for customers to give. Personal shoppers tend to specialize in a particular area of expertise, where they know a certain market and its suppliers inside and out.

Here’s why I think this approach sounds really interesting. If you’re a serious jewelry artisan/businessperson already, then you know the value of your skills and knowledge – but it can be difficult to effectively communicate that value to potential customers, especially retail customers.

If you transform your business into something offering a service like this, customers can see, understand, and experience what you have to offer. They’re actually hiring you, personally, to help them.

This reminds me of the idea of having a personal stylist (which I think would be very cool). Celebrities with lots of money hire stylists to help them define their look – to find them clothing and accessories, help them decide what to do with their hair, etc.

There’s something about it that seems really luxurious. If you can offer a little “bite” of similar services to customers . . . . it sounds kind of enticing, doesn’t it?

I haven’t read the new ebook, but if you have, consider posting a comment on what you think of it – and whether you plan to try this approach.

If you don’t have a copy but would like one, be aware that Rena is offering a special bonus to everyone who picks it up by July 30 (this coming Monday). She describes it as a 10-page report on creating successful marketing brochures for your jewelry shopping business, to keep you from having to come up with some entirely from scratch.

The ebook is available for purchase and download here for $29.00.


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