Child Artwork Jewelry

July 22, 2007


What are Child Artwork Pins?

Silversmith Lee Skalkos has established a truly original, creative business: She fabricates custom pins based on children’s artwork.

Customers can email, FAX, or snail mail their kids’ masterpieces to Skalkos’ studio, where she transforms them permanently into high-quality jewelry.

These unique keepsakes are guaranteed to hold special sentimental value for families. They’re an example of the “meaningfulness” that jewelry can have beyond fashion.

By embracing that meaningfulness, and making it the focus of her business, I think Skalkos has hit on something important (in addition to just plain fun). Kudos!

You can visit her website here.


One Response to “Child Artwork Jewelry”

  1. Sandee Says:

    thats a cute idea for the artwork!

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