Pearl bead article series & doing crochet

July 9, 2007

I just published the third article in my series on pearl on BellaOnline. For this one, I focused on the most common terminology used for pearl beads, including pearl grading and popular bead shapes. If you can think of anything to add, or if you have comments or questions, please post ’em!

For next week, I’m planning to publish a new free project involving crochet of jeweler’s hemp. I’ve gotten back into crochet lately after a long hiatus, and I’m really liking the zen-like activity of weaving away with a crochet hook, watching TV or listening to music, or listening to nothing at all. I find it much more relaxing than most of my wire-jewelry making activities, so I think I’m going to find more ways to incorporate crochet into my designs.

The book I’m using for basic crochet instructions is an earlier book in the series that my upcoming book belongs to (Teach Yourself Visually Crocheting). The simple organization and color photographs have been a big help. I’ve also found the Crochet Me Magazine site (founded by one of the book’s authors) to be a big help.



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